1. Chai Made Easy! Just add water & milk & sweetness if desired!
  2. Organic spices! Yup, we want you to feel good about what you put in your body and how it’s sourced so we only use organic spices.
  3. Make it how you like it! Some like it hot, others sweet, some creamy but it's all dreamy!
  4. Grandma’s original recipe from India! Straight from our charming village (gaam) Veravil in the northwest state of Gujarat.
  5. Long shelf life!  Our masala chai will stay fresh and flavorful for 12 months straight!
  6. Consistent cup every time! We precisely blend our spices to create a consistent flavor profile every time.  Use our wooden spoon & make it easy.
  7. Easy on the wallet! Only .25 per cup - Whoa! I can’t even get a gumball for that price!
  8. Environmentally friendly packaging! We’re committed to doing our part. Read our sustainability statement to see is how we’ve started.
  9. Carpool Chai! Bye bye long drive-thru lines!
  10. Nirvana in a cup in seconds!
The path to bliss is short my friends!