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Real Chai Powder Mixes

Our mantra is to help you embrace your day mindfully, by sharing our family's authentic chai using powerful botanicals and making it so easy, you can enjoy it at home or wherever the moment takes you.

Our family’s heritage, passed down to you.

The Allure of Cardamom in Chai

The Masala Chai Powder Experience

Masala chai isn’t simply a beverage, it’s an experience. From the moment you open the beautiful packaging, you’re enveloped by the fragrance of organic spices and tea.  And that’s just the beginning. Lose yourself in the rich aromatics from the very first sip.You’ll feel like you’re a world away while enjoying a cup of chai at home, in the office or on your travels.

Organic Black Pepper in Chai

Why Our Masala Chai Powder?

Our masala chai blend is a convenient way to experience authentic chai. Here’s why you’ll love our masala chai blends:

No clean up. With our chai blend say goodbye to messy tea bags, loose tea or tea strainers.

Organic spices. We want you to feel good about what you put in your body and how it’s sourced so we only use organic, powerful spices blended to perfection.

Your chai, your way. Make it how you like it. Some like it hot, others iced, some sweet and creamy, other’s bold and spicy. Whatever your choice, create a chai experience that’s right for you.

Grandma’s original recipe. Straight from our charming village of Veravil in Gujarat, India.

Long shelf life. Our masala chai will stay fresh and flavorful for a year. That’s because we use potent black tea powder and freshly ground organic spices. Store in dry, dark spaces.

Consistent cup every time. We precisely blend our spices to create a consistent flavor profile every time.  Use our wooden spoon & make it easy.

Easy on the wallet. Only .25 per 8-ounce cup!

Environmentally friendly packaging. We’re committed to doing our part. Read our sustainability statement to see how we’ve started.

Carpool Chai. Bye bye long and expensive drive-thru lines. Easily make a cup before you head out and save time & money.

Nirvana in a cup in seconds! Just add milk and water. The path to chai bliss is short my friends!

How To Make Chai

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Got the package yesterday! So fast! I bought them for Xmas gifts but couldn't resist trying it for myself so I made a cup last night according to directions added oat milk because I'm vegan and it was great! It wasn't overpowering which I love about it because I've had Chai teas that I don't really like because they're overwhelming. This was perfect and I hope to order more when I run low. Thanks so much, your packaging is beautiful, great product, fast shipping, completely satisfied 🙂 btw, love LOVE the little spoon!
Linda E., Dallas, TX
❤️❤️❤️ I love the Chai! The whole process. I love the paper, the size of the container, the wooden spoon, and my olfactory senses are in love! It’s delicious. Wonderful sensory experience! The taste throughout was perfection! My sisters and sister-in-law will love this gift
Gretchen P, Dallas, TX
I was downright gleeful when I found your website and ordered the chai. Thanks to you, my mornings are brighter and as I sit in my vanpool sipping my chai, I feel ready to face the day.
Edith B., Bellevue, WA
"WOW! I thought I heard a plane going through the sound barrier, instead it was your order coming to me at the speed of sound."
Beverly K., Hurst, TX
We tried your chai over Christmas and it is exactly as I remembered chai while serving with the UN in India.
Brian A., Alberta, BC
I love to come home and brew a cup of your chai...It relaxes me and takes me to a far-away place.
Suzanne N., Flagstaff, AZ