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Customer reviews

Customer reviews

We tried your chai over Christmas and it is exactly as I remembered chai while serving with the UN in India.
Brian A., Alberta, BC
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Questions About Heirloom Chai

Does your chai have sugar or milk-products?

Nope. We’ve created a clean product that allows you to sweeten as you please and use any type of milk that suits you!

So, I don’t need a tea strainer?

Nope. We’ve blended ground organic spices and naturally brewed, flash dried tea that’s ground to a powder and dissolves in hot liquid. You get all the nutritional benefits, without the mess, or strainer

Where do you source your ingredients?

Our black tea comes from the nutrient rich hills of Assam in the northeast region of India. Our organic spices are grown in India, Guatemala, Indonesia, Vietnam are all certified organic.

How much masala chai do I add?

We’ve made it error-proof. Just use the little wooden spoon we provided. For an 8 oz cup, use 1 scoop of Masala Chai. Super easy!