"Chai" means "tea" in Hindi. Have you ever said you wanted a “chai tea latte?” The terminology “chai tea” is fairly common, but saying “chai tea latte” is actually akin to saying “tea tea latte”. Silly, don’t you think?! It’s best to stick to simply “chai”, or “masala chai”. 

"Masala Chai" means "spiced tea". Here at CHAI.COM, we refer to chai as either simply chai or masala chai for these reasons. Now that you’ve got the skinny on the lexicon of chai, let’s dive a little deeper. Not only is this tea varietal delicious, but it’s also good for you. 

Chai FAQs

In addition to questions about terminology, people often want to know more about masala chai and its benefits. With that in mind, we invite you to explore answers to some of the most common questions about this delicious spiced tea.

What Does Masala Chai Taste Like?

Masala chai has the characteristic earthiness common to black tea, but it also generally has a deep warmth, sweetness, and even a hint of heat that comes from the variety of spices used. 

Once the tea and spices are steeped and combined with dairy milk (or plant-based milk like oat milk) and sugar, the resulting drink is also creamy and sweet, rounding out the spicy earthy notes of the tea leaves and spices.

Does Chai Have Caffeine?

Yes. Traditional Masala chai (including ours here at CHAI.COM) is made with black tea, which does contain caffeine. Typically an 8 oz cup of black tea contains ½ the caffeine as the same size cup of coffee.  Approximately 47 mg in black tea, to 90 mg in a cup of coffee.  Because masala chai blends include spices, the caffeine content is lower than a traditional cup of black tea. Spices do not contain caffeine. As a safe rule of thumb, a cup of masala chai contains less than 47 mg of caffeine.

What is in CHAI.COM Heirloom Chai Mix?

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re chai purists! We like to keep things simple, authentic, and sustainable. Our chai ingredients, which are sourced from an heirloom family recipe, include:

  • Assam black tea (Cha)
  • Organic black pepper (Kala Mari)
  • Organic cardamom (Elichi)
  • Organic cinnamon (Tij)
  • Organic cloves (Lavang)
  • Organic ginger (Adu)
  • Organic nutmeg (Jayaphal)

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