7 Powerful Botanicals. That’s It.

1. Organic Black Pepper
2. Organic Cardamom
3. Organic Cinnamon
4. Organic Cloves
5. Organic Ginger
6. Organic Nutmeg
7. Assam Tea

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Thousands of years ago, the fabled Spice Route linked traders from countries from the far east to the west, where the most valuable commodities were spices. It may seem strange that "flavorings" commanded such value, but the lore of the healing powers and strong flavor profiles lent to their allure. According to UNESCO.org, "Precious goods were not the only points of exchange between the traders. Perhaps more important was the exchange of knowledge: knowledge of new peoples and their religions, languages, expertise, artistic and scientific skills."

We hope our chai can lead to deeper exchanges between loved ones.