March is National Reading Month and we’re all about a good read with a good cup of chai.  What’s on your reading list? Share your favorite reads with us and let’s help end illiteracy.  For every purchase of chai this month, we will contribute to, a national organization that provides one-on-one tutoring for kids.  We’re launching our recommendations for good reads and good listens on this blog.  Periodically we will add books to our list of recommendations.  We all treasure our quiet time, and for many, the pace and intentionality reading a book requires, is the antidote to our over-consumption of fast-paced, ever-changing news and information we’re constantly fed on our phones.  We akin reading a good book to sitting with a good cup of chai.  Making a cup of chai, and then savoring it, gives us space to enjoy being in the moment. It starts with the preparation; picking our favorite mug, reaching for the tin of masala chai, opening, and lingering on the scent of the masala chai, before stirring it into our pot, or mug until the flavors come to life.  Many consider it an act of meditation, if we allow ourselves to slow down, and focus solely on each step mindfully.  And then its time for the pour if you’ve boiled it on the stove.  The anticipation builds as you watch the steam clouds dance above as you gently pour the fragrant chai into your mug. Finally, you sit down and take your first sip of chai cozied up on your couch.  When we consider what makes us feel well, we think of warmth, hearth, comfort, and rest.  Sipping a cup of chai and reading a good book enable us to live well, one sip at a time.   What are you reading lately?  Here are few of our favorite books so far this year:

Crying in H Mart: A Memoir by Michelle Zauner

Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

Where Should We Begin by Esther Perel, Podcast

Happy reading.