It happens every year, spring literally gets sprung upon us.  Maybe it’s being buried under cold temperatures, long hours at work and the hustle after the holidays that keep us in the dark. And then, voila! Spring starts peeking out from under the clouds and things start to look a bit more cheery.  It’s the perfect time to reset, recharge and reaffirm what fuels us, what brings us joy and what fills our cup.   Spring cleaning can mean opening our doors and windows; it can also mean doing a little mental, emotional and physical spring cleaning to help us be healthy, feel good and be good. Experts have lots of great ideas on how we can reset and charge ahead.  We’ve compiled a few ideas here to kick start your spring cleanse.

  1. Reset Your Thinking
    We’re our own toughest critics and sometimes to our detriment.  Instead of worrying what you haven’t done or how you came short, spend some time listing ways you have made progress, whether in your work or personal life.  Take stock in the good, and how you may respond differently to circumstances you weren’t exactly proud of. Before you turn off the lights at night, jot down a few things that went well in your day.  It might just help you rest better and prepare you for the next day.
  1. Spring Out of Bed
    Alarm goes off; you roll over and reach for your phone and lie there going through emails or news of the day and before we know it, you’ve filled your head with to-do’s, doom and gloom news & unnecessary TikTok videos. We shift from 0 to 100 when we awaken from a restful night’s sleep to filling it with things that don’t always directly apply to our day. This sets us up for a heightened sense of anxiety and muddies our mind.  Try this instead: Turn off your alarm, put down your phone, take a few minutes to sit at the edge of your bed and take a few deep breaths and then s t r e t c h … start with a gentle roll of your head and neck, and then big circles with your arms, followed by a gentle stretch of your back by bending down and reaching for your toes and slowly coming back to a sit position.  Take a few more breaths before you stand.  It sounds simple, but you’ve just given yourself an invigorating start to your day and your brain and body will thank you for it.
  1. Prioritize Your Self-Care
    Are you a juggler? You know, someone who’s got 10 balls in the air and you’re constantly trying to keep them in smooth rotation? Whether you’re a student, a parent, employed or just figuring out how to get food on the table for your family, you’ve got A LOT going on at the same time. But what happens if you lose your footing while juggling those balls?  It’s not pretty.  Self-care supports not just you but the people who rely on you.  So find ways to make time for yourself.  Maybe its spending the first 20 minutes of your day mindfully brewing a cup of chai and sitting peacefully to savor it; or going for a walk and taking in the sounds and sights of nature.  Some find solace in a book or in a great playlist.  (Speaking of playlists, check out our ChaiChills Playlist.  It is feel-good music!) Find things that give you pause in your day, things that fill your cup.  That way you’ll have more to share with the one’s you love. 

  2. Sign up for a New Activity
    Ever tried pickleball? If you haven’t heard, it’s the fastest growing sport in America! Funny name but even funner game! It’s like badminton with a wiffle ball and ping pong paddles on a tennis court! Go on, Google it!  One of the best ways to surprise yourself is to try something completely new to you.  It stretches your brain and elevates your happy hormones. So find that interesting class at your local community college, or volunteer with a local organization like Habitat for Humanity or as a literacy volunteer, or try baking something new like the delicious Wholesome Chai Muffins found right here on our blog.  You just might surprise yourself!
  1. Buddy Up!
    Everything is easier and more fun when you have someone to share it with, and who holds you accountable.  My friends and I just committed to a “Spring to Summer Fitness Challenge”. From March 20 – June 21, we each will set personal health goals and journal our progress.  For some it’s losing those annoying 10 lbs; for others it’s cutting out so much wine and drinking something healthier (btw, check out the amazing health benefits of chai); and for others it’s taking their exercise routine to the next level.  Our reward for the challenge is to enjoy a weekend Girls’ Getaway.  Girlfriends are the best!

We’d love to hear your plan to leap into spring with renewed vigor. Comment and share your thoughts!