We’ve heard from so many of you who have created your own Chai ritual; how you make chai and what you add to it, so we’ve started a list of ideas we’d like to share with you. 

Anjali in Boston, MA froths her all-milk chai using her handy espresso machine. Clever & yum!

Sheila in Dallas, TX grates fresh ginger into the pot as it boils. So soothing!

Laurel in Westminster, MD adds lion mane & collagen. So healthy! 


Add more or less Masala chai blend for a bolder or milder flavor. One scoop for 8oz not enough? Go for it and scoop x 2! 

We recommend half water half/milk proportion, but some like a splash of milk while others prefer a full cup of milk. Whatever floats your boat.  

Use any milk you prefer. We’re partial to oat milk and reduced fat dairy milk. But don’t stop there! Give cashew, macadamia, soy, almond, or even condensed milk a try. Check out our milk and milk alternatives guide for chai.

Sweeten if you prefer and use what works best for your body.  Monk fruit anyone? 

Grate some fresh ginger or fennel seeds to soothe your throat, kick up the heat, or naturally sweeten.  

Add mushrooms or CBD for a mental boost. 

Make it Dirty. Add it to your cuppa joe for a jolt of caffeine.

Try a ChocoChai. Add some hot chocolate for a decadent treat.

Just chill. When the weather warms up, put your chai on ice, sooo nice.

Or be like us and just savor the OG. However you choose, make your chai your way and enjoy!