Warm up the holiday season with a chai gift set from CHAI.COM. Enjoy our delicious chai blends and candle, perfect for a cold winter's night.

Chai & Candle Gift Set

Choose between the all-time classic Heirloom Chai and the irresistible Love Chai.

Our Heirloom Chai  features everyone’s favorite masala chai blend. Our powder mix contains high-quality organic ingredients that deliver the best-tasting experience, a delightful way to greet the festive season. With our chai gifts, you can treat your loved ones to a perfect combination of sweet, earthy, spicy flavors to awaken their taste buds.

Making a perfect cup of chai is easy. With CHAI.COM’s chai gift sets, you won't need a tea strainer. Just grab a spoonful of our chai powder, stir, sip, and enjoy.


Our 100% soy, hand-poured chai candle is made with a delicious combination fragrance of cloves, cardamom, and black pepper with hints of jasmine and juniper. With its soothing scent and cotton wick, this phthalate-free candle fills your home with a warm, comforting glow.

Pairing our Peppercorn & Clove candle with Heirloom or Love Chai and a golden whisk makes it a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Together with a local female candle maker, we created this unique scent. It’s not your typical holiday potpourri that is cinnamon-heavy or pumpkin spiced. Rather the scent has a subtle sweetness and earthiness that reflects some of the spices in our Heirloom masala chai blend. We’ve even sprinkled a few cloves on top to enhance your candle experience. This enhances the scent of the season and adds a warm glow to any mantle or table.

Our Chai & Candle Gift Set is a unique expression of thoughtfulness that your loved ones, party hosts, and coworkers will appreciate with every sip of chai and every flicker of light; well after the holiday season.

This Holiday Season, Bring People Together

Our CHAI.COM Chai Gift Sets invite family and friends to linger and share quality time together.

What better way to celebrate the season than with meaningful time spent with people you cherish. When we think of why we love this time of year, it’s because of gathering and celebrating community and family. We don’t think about the long checkout lines or the stress of finding that perfect gift; rather we cherish time well spent with others.

So make meaningful connections a priority, without the added stress of shopping. Keep gifting simple and meaningful. CHAI.COM’s Chai & Candle Gift Set takes the stress out of gifting this season.

This Holiday Season, Make Time for Your Loved Ones and Yourself

Lighting a candle and sipping chai are some of the most calming rituals These activities allow you to pause and reflect during the hectic pace of the holiday season.

The ritual of making a cup of chai, lighting a candle, and turning on your favorite holiday classics, reflects the serenity we seek during the holidays. Lighting a candle lets you slow down and take in all the moments, the memories, and the meaning of the holidays.

With our Chai & Candle Gift Set, you can celebrate the true meaning of the season. . It’s the perfect time to come together; a time to cherish some peace and quiet and a time to care for yourself and others.

Our masala chai blends are filled with organic spices and rich Assam tea that heal the body and ease the mind. Lighting a candle creates a calming environment that sets just the right tone for a peaceful season filled with warmth and comforting energy. So savor some chai and savor the moments. ‘Tis the season for comfort & joy!


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