"Love it!! Perfect combination of spices -brings back memories of my mom's special chai ❤️"
Hemu P., Heirloom Chai customer



Naturally Caffeinated 

Net wt. 3 oz. 

Makes 100 8oz cups - That's $0.25 per cup!

Wooden scoop included

Chai Ingredients

Heirloom Masala Chai ingredients include ground organic botanicals: Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Nutmeg; and Naturally Brewed, Flash-Dried and Powdered Black Assam Tea.

We use powerful organic botanicals in our powder mix to deliver the most authentic flavor experience. Our chai spice blend is the perfect mix of sweet, earthy, spicy flavors that awaken your taste buds and nourish your mind and body.

Our masala chai blend is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to help you feel your best. And now it’s never been easier to incorporate these benefits into your daily ritual. Enjoy authentic masala chai and taste the difference.

Our original masala chai mix brimming with ground organic spices and naturally brewed and flash-dried black Assam tea that simply dissolves in hot liquid.

We use our family’s heirloom masala chai recipe from Gujarat, India that delivers an authentic, homemade chai spice experience that enlivens the senses. Upon opening our masala chai spice mix, you’re greeted by the warm aromatics of ground spices and Assam black tea; a prelude to a delicious, full-bodied chai experience.

How to Enjoy Our Masala Chai Powder

To make your favorite masala chai or latte, simply use our wooden scoop to add the powdered chai to your hot liquid of choice. Our masala chai mix easily dissolves for an effortless, mess-free, stress-free drink. Unlike a tea bag, there’s no steeping, timing, or clean up required.

Enjoy the standalone flavors of our masala chai spice blend or customize your cup. Add your favorite sweeteners to create a vanilla chai latte or grate fresh ginger to add an extra bit of kick. You can even get creative with seasonal flavors like maple syrup or some added cinnamon on top. No matter how you enjoy your drink, the organic spice blend will shine through for a true chai experience.

How to Make a cup of Masala Chai 

There are 2 easy ways for you to enjoy a cup of chai and experience our unique blend of chai ingredients. Both are easy to make, require little to no clean up, and allow you to enjoy all our aromatic chai ingredients.

Mug Method

To make your favorite chai or latte, simply add a scoop of powdered masala chai mix to 4 oz of hot water and 4 oz of hot milk of your choice. Our masala chai mix easily dissolves for an effortless, mess-free, stress-free drink. No steeping necessary!

Stove Top Method

To make masala chai using the traditional stove top method, simply spoon a scoop of our powdered masala chai mix into a pot using the wooden spoon provided. Stir in 4 oz of hot water and 4 oz of hot milk of your choice and bring to a boil. No strainer necessary, simply pour into your mug and enjoy!

Enjoy the flavors of our masala chai spice blend or customize your cup. Use any kind of milk, add your favorite sweeteners to create your own chai experience. Find creative ways customers are enjoying our masala chai spice blends.


Questions About Heirloom Masala Chai Powder

Whether you’re a chai connoisseur or discovering your love for chai, you might have some questions. Learn more about our masala chai powder and how to enjoy this authentic drink at home.

Do your masala chai blends contain sugar or milk byproducts?

Nope. We've created a clean product that allows you to sweeten it as you please and use any type of milk that suits you.

Our masala chai powder mix is purely a blend of Assam black tea and organic spices, that makes for a satisfying, healthy and delicious drink, barista experience not required!

So, I don’t need a tea strainer?

That’s right! We've blended ground organic spices and naturally brewed, flash-dried and powdered Assam Tea that dissolves in hot liquid. You get all the nutritional benefits and amazing flavors, without the mess.  Leave the strainer in the drawer!

Where do you source your ingredients?

Our black tea comes from the nutrient-rich hills of Assam in the northeast region of India. Our chai spices are specifically sourced from India, Guatemala, Indonesia, and Vietnam and are all certified organic. They arrive to us in Texas where we hand blend our masala chai mixes in small batches to ensure a consistent and precise flavor profile.  We’ve taken the guesswork out, so you can simply savor each cup of chai!

How much masala chai do I add?

We've made it error-proof. Just use the little wooden spoon we provide. For an 8-oz cup, use 1 scoop of masala chai. Yes, it’s really that super easy! Add more or less of our masala chai mix to suit your taste. You have the option to make chai in your favorite mug or prepare it on the stovetop. For the ideal chai latte, start with one scoop of our masala chai powder mix and equal parts water and milk. Stir and enjoy.  Watch us make chai 2 ways!  Link to “How to make chai” page on website

What is masala chai and how is it different from chai and chai lattes?

"Masala chai" is a Hindi term that means "spiced tea." Our masala chai is a blend of organic spices and naturally-brewed, dried, and powdered Assam black tea. While chai and masala chai have become synonymous, there is a difference between the two.

Chai is simply black tea and hot milk.

Masala chai is the combination black tea, milk and spices.

Chai lattes are simply a barista style masala chai with frothed milk.

There's sediment in the bottom of my mug. What is that?

That's the ground organic spices that gives masala chai mix its amazing flavor! Think of it as the glitter of the party (except its eco-friendly, of course)!

This masala chai has a kick! What makes it spicy?

We use certified organic black pepper that's known to pack a punch of flavor. That strong flavor is filled with powerful antioxidants that are fighting off free-radicals roaming around our bodies. Think of it as a one-two punch to impurities.Other spices like ginger and clove also give our masala chai powder blends its intoxicating aroma and flavor profile.

What kind of milk should I use?

We prefer organic milk, and a favorite second is oat milk. But any kind of milk works with our masala chai blends. It’s easy to customize based on your dietary restrictions or preferences. And since you can make your drink by the mug, it’s easy to individualize for groups of people. And better yet, our masala chai blends never have sugar, so sweeten to your liking, or not!

Can I customize my drink?

Of course! While our masala chai mix is delicious when prepared the traditional way, you can also tailor it to your preferences. Consider using vanilla almond milk. make a dirty chai by adding it to your cup o’ joe, enjoy it iced or add adaptogens like lion’s mane! There are endless opportunities to make our masala chai blends your way! Read more from our blog about how customers are making chai their way.

We love talking all things chai, so please reach out with any questions. We love hearing from our chai community.