A heartfelt thank you for joining our chai community and helping us successfully (re)launch CHAI.COM in 2021.  Many of you have shared how chai brings you joyful moments -- exactly why we started sharing our family's chai with you! You've told us how you like Heirloom Chai's smooth flavor, how its free of sugar, how you can travel so easily with it, how its so easy to make, how you love gifting it to friends and family and how you've created new rituals with chai. 

Thanks to you we're able to support organizations that move our society forward including the Equal Justice Initiative, the IRC & UNICEF.

As we head into 2022, we're excited to expand our offerings, so be on the lookout for some yummy chai news!

We made it through 2021 ya'll! Stay safe, remain kind to yourself and to others and cheers to a healthy, joyful 2022!

Kamini & the Chai Team