That is a great question! And we’d love to tell you why.

It’s personal. I started CHAI.COM to share authentic masala chai my family has enjoyed for generations. We are proud to share that tradition and will never compromise the ingredients we use. This is the chai we drink every day in our home, and we will only offer you what we serve at our own kitchen table.

Now let’s talk about the cost.

100 CUPS AT .25 A CUP

One 3-ounce tin of masala chai mix makes up to 100 cups of chai. That’s .25 per cup! Just a small scoop of our masala chai blend is filled with flavorful and powerful botanicals and that’s because we use high quality, organic spices, and antioxidant rich black Assam tea for every batch. Better quality ingredients means a little goes a long way. If you head to your corner coffee shop, plan on spending 10x for a pretty good cup of chai. Make an amazing cup of chai at home instead and enjoy the savings.


As a growing business, we source small quantities of high-quality ingredients for all our chai products. Buying in small amounts ensures the freshness of our spices and tea. We could buy in bulk to save money, but we’re not willing to compromise the quality of the ingredients we use in our chai products. We’ll never compromise the flavor and potency of our hand blended chai products.


Because we hand blend our chai products in small batches, rest assured nothing sits in our facilities for long. We select high quality ingredients that retain their flavor and as a blended dry-goods product, it’s shelf life remain stable and good for up to a year. That means you have plenty of time to enjoy your chai. The metal packaging ensures that no light filters in and when stored in a dry place, will prevent moisture. 


We know there are many chai products on the market; from whole spice and tea leaves, to liquid concentrates, and powders. Take a quick look at the number of servings on most and you may find that the price per cup is significantly higher than .25; in fact, some brands cost $2 a cup! And while you’re checking out the label, take a quick glance at the ingredient list. If sugar, partially hydrogenated oil, and artificial flavors are not your thing, don’t worry. We pride ourselves in offering authentic masala chai blends packed with nutrient rich ingredients so you can feel good about what you drink.


As an Indian American, female-owned small business, we are thrilled to share our culture through our products. Living authentically, sharing our story and amplifying our values matter to us. We are excited to build a socially and environmentally responsible company that cares about our community.  As a growing business we hope to scale responsibly so that we can continue to offer exciting new chai products for you to love. Thank you for making us part of your chai tradition and if you ever have any questions, I would love to chat.