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Chai Tea
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Chai Tea in Veravil, India was inspired by a conversation I had with my mom as we brewed our own pot of afternoon chai and commented on the tradition of our ceremony. Three continents, multiple generations, and a few HTML pages later, we are bringing to you the very same, high quality chai spices that we still proudly serve to our family and guests. It is easy to make, deliciously flavorful, and good for your health.

Our recipe originates from the small village of Veravil, located in the Western state of Gujarat in India where our ancestors worked their land, ran businesses, and raised families in this modest, but close knit community. Located on the periphery of the Spice Route, our ancestors had access to the exciting world of flavors that passed through their markets and they made the most of that by crafting energetic mixes to flavor their food and drinks.


Family PictureAt the turn of the century our family joined several dozen other families in a migration to South Africa, in search of new opportunities.   Here our grandmothers still selected, dried, and hand ground spices.  In their new home, they did these chores in groups, stocking up for the frosty African winters, and passing along to each other the news of the day.

Twenty years ago our parents set out again in search of better opportunities for their children. We made our way to America, still  keeping alive all the meaningful traditions that have weaved themselves through our journeys.  Of those, our appetite for healthy, authentic Indian food has remained almost unchanged. The bin that holds the chai masala of our distant cousins in Veravil is the very same recipe that we use everyday. The nomadic business zeal still runs deep, and in that spirit, we bring you through the vast electronic frontier that is the internet.

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