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Chai Tea
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Chai Tea Mix

Black Loose Leaf Tea

Product:  Assam Loose Leaf Tea
Price:  $8.00
Product Code:  TL
Weight:  6 oz

From the Assam region of Northeast India, this tea is a rich, sturdy blend of black tea leaves with an Orange Pekoe leaf grade. This tea brews a rich cup with a distinctive malty flavor and a reddish brown hue. It tastes great with milk and's Chai Masala.

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How to Make Chai:
For two cups of chai, heat one cup of water and one cup of milk, then add 1/5 teaspoon of Chai Masala (chai tea mix) and 2 teaspoons of loose, black tea leaves. Stir occasionally and then bring to a boil. Then immediately strain and add sugar or honey to sweeten and enjoy! Prepared chai will have a golden brown hue.

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